How to Apply Schengen Italy/Italian Visa from New York, USA? - Schengen Visa Itinerary - Flight Itinerary - Hotel Booking - Travel Insurance (2023)

Areyou eagerly waiting for the Italy Visa from New York? You are in the rightplace to get the brief information regarding the how to apply for the visa. Weall know that Italy is a Bel-Pease or beautiful tourist place which was locatedin the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Now-a-days the country become a home tomany places, castles, architectural styles, Romanesque, Gothic &others. To visit various places in Italy,individuals must need an Italy Schengen Visa. We can surely say that, by havingthe visa you can see lots of tourism places such as Venice, Rome, Milan,Florence, Siena, Tuscany, stunning Cliffs, Grand Canal, Lake Como, Naples &Capri. Through this article we have provided vital information about the ItalyVisa from Consulate General in New York/US.

Italyconsists an area of 301,340km2 with a population of 60,483,973. Lakhs of thepeople will visit the Italy every year. Nearly, 50 million tourists willofficially visit the Italy each year.

Manyof the hopefuls apply for the Schengen Visas to travel to the SchengenCountries. Huge number of the tourists have desire to visit different locationsin the Italy. The Micro states San Marino and the Vatican City which haveconsidered as the part of Schengen area were located within Italy. So for thatconcern Italy also includes visa approval rates according to the past andcurrent situations. In the past, 92% ofUniform Visas were issued in the year 2017. At the same time many of the applicationsprocessed by the Consulate General of Italy was 3,478 in that 66 were rejected.Impressive visa were 98%.

Who CanApply?

Beinga U.S Citizenship holder, you can surely, allowed to travel to Italy and otherSchengen Areas for up to 90 days (i.e, 3 months). So, there is no requirementto apply for an Italian Schengen Visa. If you are holder of the US PermanentResidence Card (i.e, Green Card) or US visa, you should apply for the ItalianSchengen Visa with the purpose of your visit to Italy or other travel purpose.

Types ofVisas

Thereare different types of visas are available for the purpose of travelling andother business activities. In the below, we have provided complete informationabout the designed visas.

  • The shortterm visa

Generally,short term visa consists validity of 90 days i.e, 3 months. The visa was designed for the tourism,business trips and family visits. Short term visa is very helpful for those individualswho are going to attend for training, conferences, internships & meetings.By having the visa, you can easily make Flight Reservations for staying 4 to 6months in Italy.

  • The LongTerm Visa

If youhave desire to stay more than 90 days in the Italy, you must require Long TermVisa. The one who have the long term visa, can easily stay up to 3 months toone year. Applicants, who got the chance of long term visa can easily travel toany of the Italy Schengen areas over the period of 180 consecutive days.

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Where toApply?

The Consulate General of Italy in New York handles the visaapplication for the residents of NewYork and New Jersey.


Thefollowing documents are necessary to apply for the Italian Visa.

  • Fully filled application form with attacheddocuments. The application for the Italian Visa can be downloaded from the officialwebsite.
  • A Travel document or valid passport. It has beenissued within the past 10 years. Thevalidity of Your Passport will be at least three months after the date of exitItaly or the Schengen Area.
  • Should have valid U.S Permanent residence card(green card) or a valid US Visa.
  • Duly valid application form signed by the applicant.
  • Recent passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) photo mustbe glued on the application form and stapled photographs will be rejected.
  • Credit Card and Bank Statements for the last 3months.
  • A Valid document to prove that you are a legalresident in US.
  • Valid Proof of Travel Agreements or a Travel/ Flight Itinerary for Schengen Visa. It is a duplicate air ticketwhich has designed especially for visa purposes.
  • Should have Travel Insurance which is statingthat you are saved in the case of medical emergency.
  • Proof of accommodation such as dummy HotelConformation for Schengen Visa. These reservations are made withoutany payments.
  • If you are employed, must have official letterfrom your employer and also get pay slips from the last 3 months.
  • If you are student get an official letter fromyour school or university in the US.
  • If you are self-employed, get a letter showing aself-employed regarding the financial status.

How to Apply?

Beforegoing to fill the application form, applicants must check the complete detailswhich have provided in the application form.After reading the brief information aspirants must fill the detailswhich have required in the application process.

Forapplying Long term visa, no need to submit the application more than 90 daysprior to the beginning of your trip. If you are applying for the short termvisa, do not submit the visa application more than 6 months prior to the beginningof your trip.

Afterfilling the application form aspirants must take a print out of application formand take a print of receipt which is useful in the time of taking the ItalianVisa. Taking the print of documents is very important to all the applicants whoare looking for the visa. After downloading the documents applicants mustsubmit the printed documents at the consulate or an external service provider.

Aftercompletion of the application process, must submit your file to the ConsulateGeneral of Italy in New York. For moredetails, applicants must refer the Italy Schengen Visa officialwebsite.

Make anAppointment

Makingan appointment is very important to all the applicants who have expectations toget the Italian visa. We are here to inform all the hopefuls must schedule yourappointment starting 180 days before your trip.

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Submissionof applications are made by online appointment only from Monday to Thursdaybetween 9:00AM to 12:30 PM. Please notethat, the office is closed to the public on Fridays. Passports will be returnedby mail only.

Inthe appointment, applicants must submit the self-addressed, prepaid envelopeand a photo copy of it. The visa officewill accept only envelops which have prepaid priority from the U.S PostalService.

We are here to help you to make appointment if you have any doubts in the application process. You can send the request to make an appointment at

ItalyVisa Consulate provided an online system to make an appointment easily. Visitan onlinevisa appointment system.

Visa Office

The entrance to the Visa Office is located at:

54 E 69th Street (corner of Park Ave.)

The closest subway (# 6 Train) station is 68th Street –Hunter College

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Postal address:
Consulate General of Italy
690 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065-5009


Phone: (212) 249-4945

Sometimesappointments are not available online. In that case, you need visit the websitevery frequently to see there are any cancelled appointments during the day. Ifyou don’t have time, send us an email at help@schengenvisaitinerary.comso we can get the appointment date.

Visa Fee

Feemust be paid regardless if the visa is approved or rejected. The fee must bepaid via Money Order starting March 5th 2020. Visit the officialwebsite for more information.

Important points regarding the Fee.

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  • Money Order payable to“Consulate General of Italy – New York”
  • Declare your name and address clearly
  • Pay the exact amount
  • Any kind of credit cards or other payment options arenot allowed
  • Amount must be paid in US dollars
  • Submit the money order at the Consulate on the day ofyour appointment

Referthe fee structure on the officialwebsite or

TheItalian Visa fees for short-term visits for all types of visas are as follows:

  • It is €60 for adults
  • It is €35 for children under the age of 12
  • No Fee for for children under the age of 6

­Frequentlyasked Italy Visa questions

On the dayof appointment

Onthe day of the appointment, you must carry the appointment letter, supportingdocuments, passport, application and fees.We are here to informed all the individuals, there are not permitted tobring any electronics and dangerous objects such as mobile phones or camerasare not allowed. Also, bags may besubject to search and carrying luggage will not be allowed. Children under the age of 12 are not allowedin the premises of the Visa Application Center. For more information must visitthe Italy Schengen Visa Official Website.

Wealso provide a complete visa interview guide for a small fee. You should sendus an email requesting the visa interview guide


Ifyou did all the things well your visa will be approved. Italian Schengen visais very helpful to travel various places in Italy. By having the visa you willget the memorable days in Italy by travelling different locations in ItalySchengen Area.

Goodwish for all the applicants, we will also helpful in simplify the visa processby providing free visa consultation. No objection letter is need for ourclients from US, UK, India, China, and Europe. To assist the applicants willalso provide flight itinerary visa, travel medical insurance, hotel conformationsfor visa and other things well. Please Note that “Get a Visa to see the world”

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