Brucas Article: Fan Of The Month Interview with Nem!<3 (july) Congrats Hun! (2023)

First off this is the second interview i got to do with our totally awesome Nem! Shes a really great girl and i feel honored to be able to interview her twice! Shes the queen of roses, and works so hard for this spot, recently taking over the one of the top contributors spots! (and we ALL know how hard it is to find stuff that spot doesn't already have) So cheers to you hun you definitely deserve this twice!!!! congrats hun ily<3

1. If you can pick 1 song which reminds you of bl, which is it?

~ Ashes and Wine by A Fine Frenzy. That's how I feel about them.

2. 3x09 vs. 3x13?? why??

~ 3x09. I've never been a huge fan of 3x13, it's cute and all that but nothing beats 3x09 for me. Brooke's speech, their first ILY's, the kiss, the emotions, it's so beautiful! It's a perfect way to have BL back together again. <3

3. Whats you favorite brucas hug?

~ Hmm tough. There's something in the way Brucas (or Chophia, for that matter) hold each other, it's like they will never, ever let go. So hugs are definitely one of the things I love about Brucas, they make it so heartfelt. I gotta say 2x23, 2x17 and 2x16 (when Brooke tells Lucas that she's moving to California) hugs are def my fave. S5 has also great hugs, and ofc the 3x22 wedding dance hug.

4. How do you feel about seyton leaving?? Are you gonna watch season 7?

~ Seyton, as in Peyton? LOL. I don't really care about Peyton leaving. As for Leyton, it saddens me that it's the end of BL, but the is no possible way to get the back together after s6 so again, I don't really care. They can all leave and the show would still be the same - crap. I think I have learned to tolerate the show, although sometimes I can't help but wonder what happened to the show we all love. With that being said, I do think I'll still watch s7 but I'm not enthusiastic about it anymore. Brooke is the only reason why I'm watching this damn show. They better give her more Braley + Brachel + Brathan scenes or else!

5.Ultimate plan to take down mark, what do you do? who do you take?

~ LOL. I'm not as evil as you guys are! I wish I can take all of you because I know you guys want to get a slap across Mark's face for everything he has put us through but trust me on this, the PCBR can do the job. LOL. They'll force Mark to write the story according to our wishes. I'll be there to.. supervise. LMFAO!

6.If you could meet anyone from the oth cast who would it be?

~ Definitely Sophia Bush! OMG I love her! She's so cool and gorgeous! Plus I gotta know what her stand is on the whole BLP debacle! I always wanted to know that! LOL.

7.Your the first brucas fan to win fotm twice! what are you gonna do now?

~ I really am honored, thank you guys so much! It makes me smile that all my efforts get noticed, I mean, it's freakin BL, I don't know where else I would be! I feel guilty though, because others deserve this win too. And by winning again, I feel like I took that win away from them.

Anyone watched Never Been Kissed? When Josie (Drew Barrymore) won prom queen? I am stealing that moment. LOL. I am giving each and everyone of you a piece of the tiara (even if it doesn't really exist, LOL). I joined this spot more or less a year ago, and it sure felt like home with Hannah, Mary, Mickei, Terra, and Dawn (they're the people I always talked to during those times, don't feel bad if you weren't mentioned LOL) here so I gotta give it to them, for this place was already awesome even before I joined. The spot grew, I met other cool people and we are what we are now. So yeah, you all share this with me. :)

side note: sry to butt in but you earned this DON'T feel bad hun! we picked you for a reason,we all love ya hun!

8. Okay lets say if BL's storyline was just like lp's, and lp's were like bl's would you still ship bl? why or why not? (basically if the storylines were flipped)

~ I don't think so. First, LP's storyline is horrible! I wouldn't want that for my couple. Second, I think Chophia plays an important role in BL's story. They give off something that isn't written in the script - we all know they have chemistry like no other! So if Chilarie plays BL, I don't think it would have the same effect.

9.If you could erase one thing from their history, what would it be?

~ Def the break up in 4x01. The break up is bull! I know it's TV and the break up is inevitable, but they could've given the break up justice. I hate that they broke up when they still loved each other, and they weren't given any chance to talk about it besides admit that their love story is not what Whitey and Camila had. It doesn't lessen BL's love for each other, so it irks me when someone uses that argument against me. I also hate it when they try to bring BL down, but at times I'm just so proud that they actually have to do that just to prop LP up.

10.Do you consider their Relationship Epic why or why not?

~ I hate the word EPIC so no. It's so overused! Besides, every couple in TH is epic, according to Mark!

If I were to describe BL, I'd say they are tragic but still beautiful. Real. And I'm not only talking about their relationship as a couple, but in general. I look at what BL have been through, and I'm so proud that I am a fan of them. :)

11.Do you like Brooke with other people or just lucas? (ie. Owen, Chase, Julian) why or why not?

~ I only ship Brooke with Lucas. Just because. LOL. It's really hard to top anything when you've already seen the best. And those relationships are so far from BL. Not one of those boys look at Brooke the way Lucas looks at her.

12. Could you ever see yourself as a ship jumper?

~ OMG people will kill me! LOL. Honestly, no.

13.Who do you think the next fan of the month will be?

~ I don't know, I didn't even expect to win this month. But one thing's for sure, whoever wins is deserving. :)

14.Update us! whats going on with you?

~ Nothing much. LOL. Just school and fanpop. I'm such a loser! Boo.

15. What annoyed you the most about season 6?

~ I can take the lack of substance in the BL scenes but all the dig at BL is far too low. What do I expect, it's the same writer who wrote LP cheating in s1 and s5.

16.Are you int fanfics?

~ Not really. It depends on the writer.

17. Who do you think shows their love more? Brooke or Lucas? In Which ways?

~ It's hard to say. Brooke in s1, Lucas in s2, both in s3 and s5. They are just always there for each other, whether they're a couple or just friends, harboring feelings for each other or not.

18.What type of bl scene do you like better, a heartfelt, romantic, funny, sexy, passionate, or fighting? why?

~ I like it when they tease each other, it's their thing! So that's a mix of funny, cute and sexy Brucas. But I also love it when they're all romantic and sweet. OMG how dare you make me choose, I love everything about Brucas!

19.Ideal brucas makeup?

~ 4x09 without 4x08. I want Lucas to be there for Peyton as a friend and tell her one more time that he's in love with Brooke then go back and fight for Brooke and tell her what happened in the rivercourt when Peyton asked him who's gonna be there when all of his dreams come true, when he made the destiny shot, when he told Brooke he's the biggest part of his world. It'll be the third embarassing speech he has done for Brooke. LOL. And then we get to see another BL lovemaking scene.

20. Which upsets you more, brucas first or second break up?

~ Def the second break up.

21. What are your feelings on peyton i mean seyton?

~ Love/hate. Love her when she's being a good friend to Brooke. Hate her when she's with Lucas.

22. Oth your favorite show?

~ Yep, def.

23. Final question! how boring was this interview?

~ Not at all! I enjoyed answering it! :)

you all know i can't make anything, so i took this art from the fanart section! credit: Holly! thanks hun!


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