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Visa Fees

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  • Blanket L Fees (Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee)


Visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee, sometimes referred to as the MRV fee, before applying for a nonimmigrant visa. The visa application fee must be paid whether a visa is issued or not. The type of visa for which you apply determines the fee amount. Depending on your citizenship and the type of visa you are applying for, you may also have to pay a visa issuance or "reciprocity" fee. This webpage lists visa application fees associated with each nonimmigrant visa type.

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Please note that only the application fees for nonimmigrant visas are listed here.

Payment Information

Although fees are listed in U.S. dollars, payment must be made using local currency. You can pay your fee at any major bank location. More information about payment options is here.

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Your visa application fee is non-refundable and you cannot transfer it to another person. You will receive a receipt after paying the application fee.All nonimmigrant visa application fee (also known as the MRV fee) payments made on or after October 1, 2022, are valid for 365 days from the date a receipt is issued for payment of the MRV fee. Applicants must schedule an interview appointment or submit an interview waiver application during this 365-day period. Please note applicants must only schedule their interview or submit their waiver application within the 365-day period. There is no requirement the interview must occur during the 365-day period. All receipts for payment of MRV fees issued before October 1, 2022, were extended until September 30, 2023, and remain valid until this date.

Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts

The application fees are listed below and apply to one visa application. The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$190. K visas cost US$265 and the fee amount for E visas is US$205 The tables below have a more comprehensive list of visa types and fee amounts.

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Exchange Rate
Current Consular Exchange Rate:N/A
Current Rate Valid Through:N/A
Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts - Sorted by Fee Class
Fee Amount (USD)Fee Amount (EUR)Visa TypeDescription
$160N/ADShip/Airline Crew
$160N/AFStudent (academic)
$160N/AIJournalist and Media
$160N/AJExchange Visitors
$160N/AMStudent (vocational)
$160N/ATVictim of Human Trafficking
$160N/ATN/TDNAFTA Professionals
$160N/AUVictim of Criminal Activity
$190N/AHTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees
$190N/ALIntracompany Transferees
$190N/AOPersons with Extraordinary Ability
$190N/APAthletes. Artists & Entertainers
$190N/AQInternational Cultural Exchange
$190N/ARReligious Worker
$265N/AKFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen
$205N/AETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty
Visa Types and Application Fee Amounts - Sorted by Visa Type
Visa TypeDescriptionFee Amount (USD)Fee Amount (EUR)
DShip/Airline Crew$160N/A
ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty$205N/A
FStudent (academic)$160N/A
HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees$190N/A
IJournalist and Media$160N/A
JExchange Visitor$160N/A
KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen$265N/A
LIntracompany Transferees$190N/A
MStudent (vocational)$160N/A
OPersons with Extraordinary Ability$190N/A
PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers$190N/A
QInternational Cultural Exchange$190N/A
RReligious Worker$190N/A
TVictim of Human Trafficking$160N/A
UVictim of Criminal Activity$160N/A
TN/TDNAFTA Professionals$160N/A

Visa Types and Conditions with No Fee Required

  • Applicants for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO, and diplomatic visas (as defined in 22 CFR 41.26);
  • Applicants holding J visas and who are participating in certain official U.S. Government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges;
  • Replacement of a machine-readable visa within one year of visa issuance, when the original visa was not properly affixed or the visa needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant;
  • Applicants exempted by international agreement, including members and staff of an observer mission to United Nations Headquarters recognized by the UN General Assembly, and their immediate families;
  • Applicants traveling to provide certain charitable services;
  • U.S. Government employees traveling on official business; and,
  • A parent, sibling, spouse or child of a U.S. Government employee killed in the line of duty who is traveling to attend the employee's funeral and/or burial; or a parent, sibling, spouse, son or daughter of a U.S. Government employee critically injured in the line of duty for visitation during urgent treatment and convalescence.

Other Fees

In some cases, additional visa fees are paid directly to the National Visa Center, to the U.S. Embassy or to the Department of Homeland Security.

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Nonimmigrant Visa Issuance ("Reciprocity") Fees

Applicants from certain countries may be required to pay a visa issuance fee after their application is approved. These fees are based on "reciprocity" (what another country charges a U.S. citizen for a similar-type of visa). The United States strives to eliminate visa issuance fees whenever possible, however, when a foreign government imposes these fees on U.S. citizens for certain types of visas, the United States will impose a "reciprocal" fee on citizens of that country for similar types of visas. The Department of State's website has more information about visa issuance fees and can help you determine if an issuance fee applies to your nationality.


The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an Internet-based system that tracks F, M, and J visa participants (and their family members) from the time they receive their initial documentation (either an I-20 or a DS-2019) until they graduate/leave school or conclude/leave program.

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F, M and J visa principal applicants: Check with your U.S. school to make sure your information has been entered into SEVIS. You will need to pay a separate SEVIS fee in addition to the visa application fee. For nonimmigrant students with Form I-20, the SEVIS fee is US$350. For most exchange visitors with Form DS-2019, the SEVIS fee is US$220. . Payment cannot be made at the U.S. Embassy . Instructions for paying the SEVIS fee can be found here.

SEVIS Fee Exception

Applicants participating in a U.S. Government sponsored program (programs whose codes begin with G-1, G-2, G-3, G-7) are not required to pay the SEVIS fee.

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Blanket L Fees (Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee)

First-time principal applicants who are covered under a blanket petition for L status must pay a Fraud Prevention and Detection fee of US $500. This fee should be paid to the cashier at the Consular Section on the day of the interview. If a subsequent L-1 visa application is based on a new Form I-129S, the Fraud Prevention and Detection fee must be collected again.


How much is a US visa application fee? ›

For tourist, business, student & exchange visas – $160. Petition-based applicants (H, L, O, P, Q, R) – $190. E-1, E-2 & E-3 visa applicants – $205.

How much is DS-160 application fee? ›

The DS-160 Visa Fee is $160. You do not need to pay the SEVIS fee a second time if you are a SEVIS transfer student who is transferring your existing F-1/J-1 record to UCSC.

How do I apply for a visa fee? ›

You must select any of the following options when using the US Visa Appointment System and make the your payment accordingly.
  1. Bank Electronic Payment via NEFT. Most banks in India support NEFT, or National Electronic Funds Transfer. ...
  2. Mobile Payments (IMPS) ...
  3. Over the counter Cash payment at CitiBank or Axis bank.

How much is B1 B2 visa fee? ›

What Does a Tourist Visa Cost You? TheUS Tourist visa fee (B1/B2) costs USD $160.00. This amount is dependent on the nationality and can be paid at the time of the interview or during the application process.

How long does a US visa take? ›

As of November 2022, the median worldwide wait time for a tourist visa (B1/B2) interview appointment is about two months, and applicants with urgent travel needs who meet certain criteria can apply for an emergency appointment, usually available within days.

What are the requirements to apply US visa? ›

Application Items
  • A Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form. ...
  • A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States (unless country-specific agreements provide exemptions). ...
  • One (1) 2"x2" (5cmx5cm) photograph.

Is DS 160 and visa fee same? ›

DS-160 Form Fees and Application Process. The DS-160 fee is $160, which covers the cost to submit your DS-160 F-1 visa application to the US government. This fee is separate from the $350 SEVIS I-901 fee that you pay to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Do I need to pay for DS 160? ›

DS-160 Fee

Though there is no cost to file the DS-160, you still have to pay the fees for the specific visa for which you're applying, though. For most non-petition-based nonimmigrant visas, such as tourist, business, or TN visas, the fee is $160. For petition-based visas, the fee is typically $190.

How long does a DS 160 visa last? ›

How Long Is DS-160 Valid from the Day It Is Submitted? In general, the DS-160 should be valid as long as the information provided is current and hasn't changed.

How much cost is visa? ›

India eVisa Service Fee
Visa CategoryNumber of applicants
1 Applicant10+ Applicants
UrgentAdditional $79
Super UrgentAdditional $99

How are visa fees to be paid? ›

Fees may be paid in cash – dollars or sterling equivalent, by Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover or American Express or Debit Card – Visa. The Embassy does not accept any other credit or debit cards, or personal checks.

Is it free to apply for visa? ›

Visa applicants, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee, sometimes referred to as the MRV fee, before applying for a nonimmigrant visa. The visa application fee must be paid whether a visa is issued or not.

Is B1 visa better than B2? ›

B1 and B2 visas are generally referred to as “B visas”, and they are the most common types of visa issued for a wide range of uses in the United States. The B1 visa is issued mainly for short-term business trips, while the B2 visa is issued mainly traveling for tourism purposes.

How quickly can I get a B1 B2 visa? ›

If a visa application is approved during a visa interview, the average processing time is 7-10 working days.

How many years is a B1 B2 visa? ›

While B-1 or B-2 visas may be valid up to 10 years, visitors on B-1 or B-2 will only be permitted to stay in the United States for a short duration (maximum 6 months), as granted by US Customs and Border Protection upon arrival.

Can I get US visa immediately? ›

How Can I Get an Emergency Visa to USA? To get an emergency visa for the US, you have to schedule a regular visa appointment online and select “Request Expedite”. After you've done this, you will receive step by step instructions on how to continue.

What is the easiest US visa to get? ›

For many, a "B" visitor visa is the easiest and most appropriate one to get. (See 8 U.S. Code § 1101.)
In order to apply for this visa, you'll need to prepare or collect the following:
  • Form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Application.
  • Visa application fee.
  • Visa issuance fee.

How early should I apply for US visa? ›

18 How long in advance of my intended date of travel should I apply for a US visa? We recommend highly that applicants start the application process about 3 months in advance of their intended date of travel since appointments are usually full 2-3 months in advance.

How much is the visa processing fee? ›

Instead, there are various US visa costs and US visa application fees that you must pay.
US Nonimmigrant Visa Application Fees.
Visa typeCost
Non-petition Based Visas$160
Petition Based Visas$190
E Visas$205
K Visas$265

How do I pay my $220 green card fee? ›

You must pay the fee online using the USCIS Electronic Immigration System. Go to and select “Log In.” • Select “USCIS Immigrant Fee” from the chart. Enter your A-Number and DOS Case ID as shown at the top of this handout. Pay $220 online.

How long is the US visa application fee valid? ›

All nonimmigrant visa application fee (also known as the MRV fee) payments made on or after October 1, 2022, are valid for 365 days from the date a receipt is issued for payment of the MRV fee.

How much is MRV fee for DS 160? ›

MRV Fee – $160:00; Petition Based Applicants (H, L, O, P, Q, R) – $190:00; E-1, E-2 & E-3 visa applicants – $205:00.


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